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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Overcoming Network Marketing Objections—It's How Much You Care by Janet Callaway | The Natural Networker

In network marketing there is an oft repeated phrase “people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.” This true statement is often forgotten as network marketers rush to “dump” information on prospects to “convince” them to join The Company.

It is important to remember the conversation is not about what you have to offer, how great your company is or how great the products are. Rather, it is about discovering what problems your prospects may have and how your opportunity, company or products might help them.
Think about it this way. How would you feel if you walked into a restaurant and, when the waitress walked up to your table, instead of asking you what you wanted to order, she told you about her background, how long she had been a waitress, how many classes she had taken and how much she loved being a waitress?

Probably you wouldn't be too happy because you really don't care about the waitress and her life, all you want to do is order your lunch and be on your way.

Unfortunately, too many network marketers do the very same thing as that waitress. They don't ask and listen; they only tell.

Your prospects' objections are merely questions which give you the opportunity to discover what is going on with them and to educate them further on what you have. Objections also give you the chance to clear up any misconceptions your prospects may have. Let's look at a few of the most common objections in network marketing.

Objection: Is this one of those pyramid deals or pyramid schemes?

I always like to ask what they mean by that because most often they are not even sure what they mean. What you need to do is to be calm as you explain your answer. Do not be defensive as there is no reason to be defensive.

As a practical matter, anyone who has ever worked in corporate America has experienced the perfect pyramid. There is one president. The chances of getting to the top, no matter how hard you work, are very slim.

However, in network marketing, in a good company, anyone can rise to the top because there are unlimited high earning positions. Your success in network marketing comes through consistent effort and ANYONE can become a top income earner. Network marketing is a level playing field.

Objection: I don't like to sell.

If you're married, in a relationship or have a job, you “sold” something to somebody.

The fact is, we all “sell” things everyday. It is so natural to us that we don't even think we are “selling” when we recommend a good movie, book or restaurant to a friend. The difference between that selling and recommending a particular company or product is that you do not make a commission on the movie, book or restaurant recommendation. Because network marketing is about recommending a business, product or service that might help someone, it is often called referral marketing.

Objection: Nobody ever makes money in network marketing.

You need to find out why they asked that question. Did they have personal experience with network marketing? If so, what was it? Or, perhaps, did they have an uncle or cousin who “tried” network marketing and it didn't work for them? Is that same uncle or cousin who “tried” network marketing someone who sticks with a job until it is done or is he a quitter?

Generally speaking, if someone does not make money in network marketing it is for one of four reasons: (1) they picked the wrong company; (2) they weren't coachable or did not have access to a coach; (3) they did not treat it as a business or (4) they quit.

These are the common objections to network marketing and, as you can see, they all have common sense answers. Talk with your prospects, listen to what they are asking, then answer those questions rather than telling them what you think they should want to know.

Do you see how objections help you to give your prospects the information they want?


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