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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 Reasons to Own Your Own Business by Darren Dahl

Top 10 Reasons to Own Your Own Business was recently published in Inc.

Because the article is lengthy with many hyperlinks, I am including the link to the article for your convenience.

As a long time business owner and consultant to those who want to start a business, I agree with this article. Owning your own home business and being in control of your life, is a great way to live. Today with the growing consumer acceptance of social media marketing and network marketing the opportunities are unlimited.


Listed below are the top 10 reasons shown in the article.

1. You Control Your Own Destiny

2. You Can Find Your Own Work/Life Balance

3. You Choose the People You Work With

4. You Take on the Risk – And Reap the Rewards

5. You Can Challenge Yourself

6. You Can Follow Your Passion

7. You Can Get Things Done – Faster

8. You Can Connect With Your Clients

9. You Can Give Back to Your Community

10. You Feel Pride in Building Something of Your Own

If you already own your business, do you agree with the list or have more benefits to add?

If you are thinking about starting your own business, do these reasons appeal to you?



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