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Friday, January 14, 2011

Network Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Bicycles By Janet Callaway | The Natural Networker

Network marketing, social media marketing and bicycles—what on earth do they have in common? More than you think.

All of them are learned skills and, with practice, a person can succeed with each of them.

When you first learned how to ride a bicycle no doubt you started with training wheels. Just when you were feeling “comfortable” with your riding skills, the wheels were removed, you became “shaky,” uncertain and scared once again.

The wheels wobbled, you fell a time or two yet you kept going because you wanted to be like the “big kids” so that you could experience that same freedom. Words of encouragements from your folks or siblings kept you going. You just knew that next time you could and would do it on your own.

And, you were right. With time you did develop the skills and the balance necessary to ride your bike on your own and to peddle the roads of freedom.

Today you need to master different skills. The skills you need to develop are for your network marketing business or to establish your brand with social media marketing.

So ask yourself what changed between your “bike riding days” and today?

My guess is that for most of you, the opinion of others matters far more to you today than it did when you were learning to ride your bike. Then, because your goal of learning to ride and experiencing the freedom of being able to go places on your own, was so important to you, nothing else mattered. You didn't care if you fell down in a heap, looked ridiculous and skinned your knees. You got up, got back on the bike and kept doing it until you achieved your goal--freedom.

Now, however, it is a different story. When you think about telling your family, friends, business associates or even strangers that you are in network marketing, you “wobble.” You are afraid of ridicule, criticism or embarrassment. The worst part is, you are willing to accept it from anyone.

Before you accept people's advice on whether or not network marketing is a viable business, take a look at their lives. Are they financially secure? Are they living the life they want? Do they follow through on their endeavors or are they quitters?

My guess is, that they are not as qualified to give financial advice and comment on success paths as: Warren Buffett, Sir Richard Branson or Donald Trump, all of whom own companies within the network marketing/direct sales industry.
Along with financial guru Robert Kiyosaki of the best selling series Rich Dad Poor Dad, these gentlemen all highly recommend this industry as a way to take control of your life and to live your dreams.

Follow their advice. Keep your eyes on your goal; ignore those opinions that have no basis.

So much is being written and said about the important of being present on social media that I am not going to take the time to go into here. What I will say, is learning to use social media marketing is a skill that is developed, just like riding a bike.

Social media marketing works. How well? It played a significant part in the most recent presidential election in the United States. Statistics show that more and more companies are diverting money spent on traditional advertising to social media marketing. If the people and companies “in the know” are using social media to build their brands, why not you?

There is no such thing as failure. There are only quitters. Will you keep “riding your bike” until you succeed or will you quit?


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