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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Network Marketing, Social Media Marketing & Life—Travel Agent or Tour Guide by Janet Callaway | The Natural Networker

Network Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Life all have “experts” telling you what do to in order to be successful. Let's look at these experts. Since network marketing, social media marketing and life are all different types of journeys with twists and turns, peaks and valleys and fraught with challenges, do you want a Travel Agent or a Tour Guide advising you?

What's the difference, you may ask, they both give you information about the trip. To me, the two are actually quite different. Let me explain.

Travel Agents send people to places they have never been themselves. They tell them what to expect, give them brochures and send them on their way. Tour Guides, on the other hand, take people to places they have been and experienced.

Network Marketing.

A Travel Agent says the company, the products, the compensation plan are great, you should “do it” and, if you follow the “yellow brick road,” you will be successful. They have neither done what they are telling you to do nor have they experienced success in this industry.

A Tour Guide not only tells you about the company, the products and the comp plan, the Tour Guide takes you by the hand and walks you through each step that is necessary for success. They are by your side each step of the journey to success. They hold your hand when you are uncertain or down, help you to develop skill sets and introduce you to others even more successful than they who are willing to help you succeed.

Social Media Marketing.

A Travel Agent tells you how to set up the various social platforms, then tells you to “find” people to friend or follow and then tells you to interact with them.

A Tour Guide not only tells you how to set up your accounts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the others, after determining which platforms are best to help you achieve your goals, a Tour Guide teaches you how to find the good contacts in your industry as well as how to interact with them most effectively. A Tour Guide gives you the little known tips and takes you on those “side trips” not listed in the brochures that make the journey so fun and memorable.

Life. Actually, this is the area where it easiest of all to explain the difference.

A Travel Agent tells you what to do—manage your time, be fit, be responsible, do what you say you are going to do, be loving, be compassionate, be honest, be fair—be.

A Tour Guide is the living example. If you follow this Tour Guide you will enjoy Life. As it Should Be.

So, on your journeys, will you choose a Travel Agent or a Tour Guide?


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