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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Social Media, Network Marketing and the Greener Grass Effect by Janet Callaway | The Natural Networker

Social media, network marketing and the Greener Grass Effect—what on earth is that? Believe it or not, you are already familiar with it. Let me explain.

You have a friend who just started using social media; you know your friend doesn't know nearly as much about it as you do and yet already she has more friends, followers and fans than you do. Even “worse,” within her first month of being active with social media, she gets a new client, account or business partner. How can that be? Maybe, you think, “if I could write a blog, tweet or post like she does, I would have better results too. Yea, it's easy for her; she always could write.”

Or, let's apply that same scenario to the network marketing industry. Ever hear someone say “if I had a better” sponsor I would be more successful; my sponsor doesn't give me the support he/she should?” Or, how about: “if only they hadn't changed the comp plan or changed the formulation of the product or if only we were in such and such a country, I would be a huge success.”

Folks, that is what we call the Greener Grass Effect. People look over the fence, see greener grass and then spend all their time explaining why the neighbor has greener grass than they do. If a person's grass is not as green as their neighbor's, maybe it's because they are not taking care of their own grass.

Whether you are talking about social media or network marketing, you are talking growing a relationship. Are you feeding that relationship? Are you watering it? If you nourish and nurture your relationships, you will be the one with greener grass.

Will you do it?


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