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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Network Marketing—A to Z #6 In a Series of Fun Facts, Figures & Tips by Janet Callaway | The Natural Networker

Network Marketing--A to Z is an encyclopedia of fun facts, figures and tips for success in this amazing industry.

Let's continue on with the next 2 letters in the alphabet, each of which help you to understand another reason why building a network marketing business makes sense.

The business and leadership skills you develop in network marketing will enrich your life in many areas.

M is for Manage. That is, Manage yourself, not your team members. You must learn to Manage your emotions. Network marketing, like all business, has its up and downs. The difference with networking marketing is the Up is a fast climb and the Down is much faster; and, they occur regularly.

For instance, you think someone terrific is going to join your team. Not only do all signs points in that direction, they have told you they are going to join you. You celebrate, cheer and start mentally depositing money into your account. The next time you talk with them, if you can find them, they say thanks but no thanks. Doesn't matter the reason; the end result is the same, they are not part of your team.

Or, that terrific person does join your team, then “life” happens to them and they never get started.

Your life and your business will be much better if you learn to Manage your emotions. When disappointments and setbacks come your way, you must let them go. Do not let external circumstances over which you have no control, determine your outlook and your life.

Manage your time. Seems obvious yet the vast majority of networkers do not. While it is true that network marketing is a business that fits into the nooks and crannies of your day, you must plan to fit it into the nooks and crannies. If you wait for it to happen, it won't. Plan your calls, follow ups, presentations and, most importantly, your goals with the daily steps necessary to achieve them.

N is for Never. Never give up on yourself and your dreams. Don't let someone who is too scared to follow their dreams deter you from chasing yours.
Never promise more than you can or are willing to deliver. This applies to the products or services you promote as well as to the support that you will give new team members. There is a lot to be said for that old saying, “under promise and over deliver.”

Never whine, moan or complain. This applies to people in your support line, your team members, your company and its products or services. If there is a problem/challenge, talk to the right person about it. Don't complain to a team member about something the company is doing. If you don't like a change the company has made, tell the company because the company is the only one who can fix it. If you don't get along with certain members of your support team, see if the issues can be resolved by talking with them and, if not, find others to give you the support.

Never whine, moan or complain because nothing positive is accomplished and it starts a negative cycle. People whine, moan and complain instead of taking action and building their businesses.

Never give less than your best. If you always give your best, then no matter what happens you will always feel good because you know you did the best you could. Since network marketing is a business of duplication, by always doing your best, you set the standard for your team which will duplicate.

This is the attitude and environment that you want to create. You want people to know that no matter how many or how few people show up, the presenter will do a great job. You want people to know that everyone you bring to them will be treated with respect whether they are an 18 year old student or a “heavy hitter.”

Never give less than your best because that is who you are.


  1. Excellent Points! As an coach who helps parents build emotional intelligence skills in kids, I know the value of managing emotions. It's a tool available to us to create our own happiness when external circumstances try to undermine us. And never giving up is vital. No matter how tough gets, I have a visual in my back pocket of what my life looks like in 3 years. I pull that success story out whenever I need to plug through and keep going. Great post. Thanks!

  2. Thx for stopping by, Keyuri. Love your phrase "I have a visual in my back pocket of what my life looks like in 3 years . . ." You are so right, we need to know our Why, have our vision of the future to take us though the tough times. Aloha. Janet