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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Network Marketing—A to Z #4 In a Series of Fun Facts, Figures & Tips by Janet Callaway | The Natural Networker

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Network Marketing--A to Z is an encyclopedia of fun facts, figures and tips for success in this amazing industry.

Let's continue on with the next 2 letters in the alphabet, each of which help you to understand another reason why building a network marketing business makes sense.

I is for Income. In network marketing, income is made in a number of different ways depending on the compensation plan involved.

At the very minimum, there are 3 ways that income is generated: (1) difference between the wholesale and the retail price of a product or service; (2) residual or recurring income and (3) tax savings.

Yes, that's right, a huge advantage of having a home based business is the tax benefits that are available to you. To learn more about the tax savings available to you which can put money in your pocket, go ahead and Click Here.

How much you make on items (1) and (2) depends on two things:

The company you join - YOU

Yes, YOU. How much you make depends on YOU. There are people in companies with less than great products or services who are making a fortune just as there are people in companies with truly lousy pay plans who likewise are making a fortune. What determines the amount of money someone makes is the effort they put forth.

In other words, are they treating it as a business? This means being consistent in action not “working” it full time.

As a matter of fact, according to the Direct Selling Association, only 7.5% of the people involved in this industry choose to work it full time as their career. Those who do, make high 5 figure and even into the 6 and 7 figure per year incomes. They also enjoy very nice lifestyles because of the time freedom this industry provides.

Most people who join a network marketing company do so because they want additional money for a new car, their children's activities or college educations, family vacations or even to indulge a hobby. Network marketing can give them the money and the tax benefits.

People can earn the money they want while working very part time. According to the DSA 50% of people involved in the industry work less than 10 hours per week and 40% work less than 5 per week.

In these turbulent times, many people are building a network marketing business as a Plan B just “in case” something happens while others are building a business as Plan A. That is why this industry is called a recession proof business.

If being in control of your income, your vacation time and your life appeals to you, I suggest you take a serious look at the network marketing industry.

J is for Job. Or should I say J.O.B. which stands for Just Over Broke? While some people truly do enjoy what they do, most people trade their time for a steady paycheck. Unfortunately, that steady paycheck is an illusion. People can be downsized, rightsized or outsized from their job at the whim of their employer or by the dictates of the economy when the employer closes its doors.

As if that weren't bad enough, they have little control over what happens in their lives because of the job. Their pay, their vacation time, their family time, their sick leave are all determined by someone else.

Let's face it, when people stick with J.O.B.s that they don't like because they want that “guaranteed” paycheck, they allow someone else to determine the quality of their lives.

Interesting contrast between Income and J.O.B. isn't it? Which do you choose?


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  2. Thx for stopping by to comment, Yogi. Glad you found the article helpful.