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Saturday, February 19, 2011

5 Tips For Effective Networking by Janet Callaway | The Natural Networker

With the arrival of social media along with the buzzwords “transparency” and “authenticity” becoming a part of everyday jargon, it's time to rethink how we approach networking. While most people are resistant to change of any type, when you understand the reason for the changes and see the long term value, I think you will agree with me Hooray for New Networking!
Many of us remember the days of the HUGE networking parties where you would go and talk with someone only long enough to receive their business cards. The “game” seemed to be whoever had the most cards at the end of the evening “won.” In actuality, a pile of business cards does not do all that much to build a relationship or a business. A look at New Networking shows its benefits.

1. How can I help you? This sure beats the old way of “what's in it for me.” If someone believes you have a genuine or “authentic” interest in helping them, they will be much more receptive to what you have to say which leads to building a relationship.

2. Who do I know that I can connect you with? While two heads are better than one, three are even better than two. If you know that someone you know would make a difference for someone, make the connection without expecting anything in return. This is about them; not about who you might receive as a referral.

3. What can I learn from you? If we listen to people, we learn. If we learn, we can help them. If we help them, we both benefit. Learn and offer value rather than trying to "convince” them that what you have is what they need—especially since you have not even taken the time to learn what they need/want.

4. Give without expectation. Share, connect and offer value to others without worrying about what you will receive in return.

5. Remember, what you send out in the world will come back to you many times over AND when you least expect it. Even though we used to say "what goes around comes around," unfortunately, that did not stop people from doing things they would not want to come back to them. Give freely and you will be richly rewarded.

How do you like the New Networking?


  1. Hi Janet,

    The new networking does have the benefits you listed. One I would add to listening is learning how to observe what is important to others in your network and often you can see trends occurring that can benefit your business, customers or partners.

  2. Thx so much for stopping by and adding your excellent suggestion, Susan. Your comment is a most welcome addition.

  3. #1: How can I help you? - I agree with you here; people are sometimes taken aback when you genuinely engage with them. Treat them like you honestly have their best interests in mind (and you should care after all).

    Then #4 is a struggle for many but it's becoming so clearly effective. It seems the more you freely give, the more you're apt to receive. The imbalance, or breakdown of this concept, only comes into play when you do so with the wrong motives or you're disingenuous.

  4. Jon, aloha. Thx so much for stopping by and your insightful comments. #4 definitely is a struggle, however, once people "relax" and stopping worrying/be concerned with what they will get back, everything flows so much better. Aloha. Janet