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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Eagle, You and Change by Janet Callaway | The Natural Networker

The American Bald Eagle.

What a majestic and an inspiring symbol. Any of us involved with personal development and coaching, know Jim Rohn's famous comment about the fact that you can dress a duck up in an eagle jacket, send it to eagle school and it will still be a duck.

Jim also taught us that for “things to change, you have to change.”  After you read this story, decide if you have the heart of an eagle; decide if you will change.

The Eagle has the longest life-span of its species living up to 70 years. However, to reach this age, the Eagle must make a hard decision in its 40's. Its long, flexible talons can no longer grab prey; its long sharp beak becomes bent.

With “old” age, its wing become heavy; its thick feathers stick to its chest and make it difficult to fly. At that point, the eagle is left with only two options: die or go through a painful process of change which lasts 150 days. The process requires that the eagle fly to a mountain top and sit on its nest. There the eagle knocks its beak against a rock until it plucks it out. After plucking it out, the eagle will wait for a new beak to grow back and then it plucks out its talons. When the talons grow back, the eagle starts plucking out its old-aged feathers. After 5 months, the eagle takes its famous flight of rebirth and lives for another 30 years.

Now, let's bring this back to you. Let's find out if You have the Heart of an Eagle.

It's approaching the end of the year and new year's resolutions abound. If you want things to be different this time next year, You and what you are doing must Change.

Are you ready to soar?

Do you know the Why behind your goals?

Are those goals written down?

Do you set aside the time to take the needed action to reach those goals?

Do you take consistent action towards your goals?

Are you willing to go through the pain of rebirth to have the life you want? While the action or inaction by the Eagle is literally a matter of life or death, when you think about it, so is yours. If you are not willing to take consistent action over a period of time, those things you want to be different in your life will not change. You will live a life of default rather than a life of your design.

So, tell me, do You have the Heart of an Eagle?

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  1. Yes, I am ready to soar in 2011. Janet, I look forward to our new year and all the success and greatness it will bring for each of us.