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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to be the CEO of Your Life by Janet Callaway

Sounds good, doesn't it? The CEO of Your Life means that you are in charge, you make the decisions; you're in control of your life. Guess what, you already are the CEO of Your Life; you already have 100% responsibility for whatever happens in your life. You need to recognize it, accept it and take action.

If you were a Company, you would be doing year end reviews and planning for next year. As the CEO of You, it is time for you to do the same. Let's begin.

Did you reach your objectives? Look at both your short and long term goals. If you want to have more time to spend with your family or have more money for vacations/hobbies/children's college, you might want to take a look at starting a home business or a network marketing business. Such businesses not only provide you with additional income, they also allow you to take advantage of well over 100 tax benefits that are available ONLY to the owners of a home business.

As CEO of You, set your 10 year goal. Where do you want to be in 10 years. Then chunk it down into smaller increments. Where do you want to be in 1, 3 and 5 years? It is essential that you put your goals in writing.

What is your Mission Statement/Your Purpose in Life? Do you know what your purpose in life is? If not, take the time to decide what truly matters to you long term. For some, it is raising and being part of a wonderful family while for others it is to feed starving children, save the rainforest or any number of causes. What matters to You? Define Your Purpose. Be clear on what it is that matters to you. Focus and definiteness of action will then take you where you want to go.

Is ongoing education a part of Your Life? The world is changing constantly and Rapidly. How we communicate with each other is one of the biggest changes and that change alone is causing confusion across the generations. The day of the hand written letter, mailed letter, has been replaced with text messages. Many people rarely even check their voicemail. The importance of phone calls and e-mails has been strongly diminished. Whether you are talking about personal or business relationships, social media and social networking are key. These days, when people “reach out and touch someone” most likely they are doing it online. Be there.

So, how are you doing as the CEO of You? Are you pleased with your job performance? Will You be a better CEO of YOU this next year?


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