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Friday, December 10, 2010

6 Simple Things for Success in Network Marketing by Janet Callaway

Yes, that's right; only 6 simple things are needed for success in Network Marketing. Having been successfully involved in this industry for almost two decades, I truly appreciate the simplicity of the way one of my mentors and dear friend Cindy Samuelson defined the 6 simple things that will enable anyone to achieve their goals. Having earned millions and millions of dollars, Cindy always says that she only does 6 simple things every day to build her business, however, she does them exceedingly well. Follow this advice and live life on your terms.

Belief. Each day you must build your belief in The Products, The Industry and Your Ability to Succeed. If you want to be rich in Network Marketing you must have greater belief in The Industry than you do in The Product. However, of far greater importance than either of those is Your Belief in Yourself. In order to succeed, you must Believe in Yourself and Your Ability to Succeed.

Goals & Values. Each day check to make sure you are on track. Make sure your support team knows what you want so they can help you. Know what other members of your team want then do everything in your power to help them achieve their goals.

Company. Know why you chose your company, what's good about it. Educate yourself about your company and then educate others.

People. If you surround yourself with only quality people, You Win! For details on how to select your business partners, check Yhe Natural Networker archives to read the post 5 Top Qualities for a Network Marketing Partner.

Action. No mystery here; common sense. “A little Action will make you a little money; a lot of Action will make you a lot of money; MASSIVE ACTION will make you RICH!” Your choice.

Fun. Let's face it, whether you are talking about Network Marketing or any other business, it is only FUN if you are making a profit. If you are not having Fun, people will not want to join you. If they don't join you, you won't make a profit. Have Fun; make a profit; build a business and leave a legacy.

6 Simple Things done well every day = The Life You Design.

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  1. I loved this the first time I heard it from Cindy and you explained it so clearly. It really is as simple as 6 simple things.