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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5 Top Qualities for a Network Marketing Partner by Janet Callaway

So you have joined a network marketing company and are very excited to tell everyone you know about it. Your wise sponsor tells you to make a list of people so that Together you will decide who, most likely, are your “best” prospective business partners. Since your sponsor doesn't know your family, friends or contacts, how can your sponsor know who is likely to be the best candidate? The answer is quite simple. History shows that people who have these 5 qualities experience high levels of success in this industry.

  1. Good people skills. Since network marketing is a people business, it makes sense that people who like and interact well with people have a definite edge. Even though technology makes exchanging information much easier, this is still a High Touch business. Let's face it, all of us like talking with people who are easy to talk with, who are good listeners as well as warm and open.

  1. Coachable. The reason it is so important that your new partner be Coachable and open to instruction is because this is a new industry for them. Even if you have a degree in a field/professsion or have first hand experience of doing a job, whenever you start a new position, there is instruction. Network Marketing is no different; you have to be taught the system and skill sets necessary to give you the results you want.

  1. Reliable. You need partners who will Show Up when they say they will and will keep their commitments. If they don't show up for you and keep their commitments to you, they will not do it with their team members. If they don't do it with their team members, they will never build a business and all involved will have wasted time and effort as well as experienced great frustration. Simply put, you want people who'll do what they say they'll do!

  1. Credibility and influence. What I mean by this is someone of good character who, when they speak, people listen. Think about it, if someone is 40 or 50 years old and they have no credibility or influence with others, it speaks volumes about the way they have lived their 

  1. Strong work ethic. This is so important because this is netWORK marketing, not netWISH marketing. In order to succeed in this industry, as with any other industry, a person must have a desire to succeed and be willing to take the consistent actions necessary to achieve success.
Does this sound like you? If so, and you want to have more control of your life and your future, you may seriously want to consider a career in Network Marketing.


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