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Friday, November 26, 2010

5 Thoughts on Relationships by Janet Callaway

Since people are everywhere and part of most everything you do, it is stands to reason that the better your relationships, the better your life will be. Any interaction with another is a relationship of sorts; it can be a one time payment in a convenience store, a business relationship or a personal relationship. Let's take a look at some connections between actions and relationships.

Follow the Golden Rule. How many times have we heard “do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” Yet, how many often do we forget that when we are rushed, angry or overwhelmed? How many times has our impatience caused us to treat another rudely or as if they were insignificant? Years ago I heard a man say his goal was to leave each person he met feeling better for having met him. What a fantastic goal! If you keep that thought in mind in all your interactions with people, you will make the day a little brighter for many people; PLUS, you'll feel good too.

Reciprocity. To a certain extent, this follows along with the Golden Rule. How you treat others will come back to you. However, reciprocity is even wider ranging. When you treat others with respect or give generously to others you start a cycle which brings more of that into your life. As more comes to you, you likewise respond by doing or giving more and thus the ripples of your actions spread further and further.

Make New Relationships. New relationships enhance and enrich the lives of all involved. Consciously seek out others and begin relationships. A new relationship does not have to be an “all the time” thing rather it can be a casual checking in be it for coffee, a call or an online connection. There is a lot to be said for that phone company slogan “reach out and touch someone.” Think how you feel when someone reaches out and touches you.

Value People. Too often people categorize people and their “worth” by their job title. A job title is not who a person is. Each of us has innate value. When you listen to people you will be surprised at what you learn about who they are. Treat everyone with respect; you will make a difference for many.

Value Yourself. Your relationship with yourself is your one lifelong relationship. Nurture it. If you do not respect and love yourself, you cannot respect and love others. Pay attention to your self talk. Do you say things that lift you up or do you say things like “I'm such a ______” or “_______ always happens to me” or I never _______?” If you fill in the missing blanks with negatives, that's what you will bring into your life. Change your self talk; change your life.

Have you ever noticed the effect of giving a smile to a stranger?


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