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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stop It! By Chris Brogan/Escape Velocity

Stop It! What great advice Chris Brogan gives in the following article. Take a minute to look at what you're doing, where you're spending your time, who you're spending your time with and then think about if they are contributing to your life. If not, Stop It! Chris gives you permission. Janet

Stop It!

By Chris Brogan/Escape Velocity

For some reason, we think it’s the most noble act to carry on, to finish, to get through. Where’d that come from? I was raised in the clean plate club. You might have stuck out a relationship that wasn’t worth it. We all know someone who persists when they should stop, and most often, we know there are things that we should stop.
The tricky part is to find out whether you’re just stuck and can get past, or whether you should stop and let it be. I don’t have the best answer for that, but what I want to give you is permission: permission to stop. 



You don’t have to keep up with every trend.
You are hereby permitted to stop doing things out of obligation to others.
You have our permission (I think Liz Strauss also agrees) that you can stop worrying what the cool kids think about you.
You don’t have to achieve Inbox Zero.
You can stop regretting the past (get on this one, okay?).
You can stop blaming anyone but yourself. It’s how YOU take things on that grow your power.
You are free to put the brakes on putting yourself down. You’re going to be okay.

What else should you stop?


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