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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When is the right time? By Janet Callaway

People ask that question all the time. 

What's the answer?

Both Never and NOW!

It's never the right time because something is always happening or about to happen or we think will happen. Have you ever thought it would be the “right” time when . . .

Everything is perfect

The kids leave home

You have more time

You have more money

The economy improves

You feel more comfortable

You have more knowledge

You feel more ready

More friends agree with you

You get the idea; there is always one more reason not to take action yet because there is just one more piece that has to be in place. Quit “saddling up;” get on that horse and ride. Your future is waiting for you!

The time to launch your new business, your new project, your new idea is NOW.


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