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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are you jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon? By Karmen Reed

For many people Social Media Marketing is just another "hot topic" out there, and for the ones that are on the cutting edge, marketing savvy and go-getters, it's just the way of marketing today.
We are all marketers. Every single one of our daily routines involves some sort of marketing activity. You talk to your prospects and your customers on the phone, in seminars, during networking events, any kind of personal or business introduction, email back and forth, website updates, blog posts, text messaging, instant messaging, even invoicing, quoting, proposals... Every interaction you have with prospects or customers can be considered as a marketing action.
One way of implementing marketing strategies into your overall GMA (Grand Marketing Action) is actually using different tools to reach your marketing goals.
Social Media is one of the most amazing tools out there, free and available to anyone. It has to do with RELATIONSHIP BUILDING and VISIBILITY CREATING as your#1 and #2 top marketing strategies.
Social Media is the only way to spread your message in a relaxed and conversational way with an amazing potential of reaching incredible number of people. It's the way to involve and engage your prospects, your customers, and your peers in daily conversations about mutual interests, and build quality relationships based on trust and reliability.
How to be successful with Social Media Marketing? Here are few suggestions:
  • Be visible
  • Be consistent
  • Be authentic, be yourself, reflect personality
  • Focus on the audience
  • Give value
  • Share good information
  • Lose control


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