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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fighting the Fear by Randy Gage

Let’s get real. EVERYBODY has fears. Every person in Network Marketing has things that scare him or her. We all have people we prospect that make us nervous. So how do you overcome the fear?

Feed Your Dreams. Daily.

Here’s the deal:

When your fears are greater than your dreams, you procrastinate and do nothing.

When your dreams are greater than your fears, you get into action.

That’s why you have to feed your dream every day. Have a prosperity manifestation map in your bedroom. Do self-development time in the morning. Speak affirmations. Put pictures on your refrigerator and dashboard. Paint a picture of your dream so real you can see it, taste, it, smell it, and touch it.

One of two things happens for most people.

Your fears are so strong they shrink your dream and pull it back closer to your reality.

Or your dream is so powerful it pulls your reality to it.

So which situation are you in?

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  1. Great article. As always, Randy Gage does a superior job of stating the obvious. Fear stops way too many people from living the life of their dreams. Thanks for posting Randy's article. ~~ Nancy K